About Verne

Verne is the leading IT partner that enables digital transformation of insurance companies and service providers. With our platform, experience and knowledge, IT will not be a bottleneck in realizing your ambitions.

Leading IT partner
Verne has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance market in various roles, as IT partner but
also in other roles within insurers, MGA’s and brokers.

All our employees know that domain knowledge
is key and they work side by side with their customers and partners to innovate the insurance industry.

Digital transformation
From day one, the Verne platform has been developed on the assumption that processes should be STP
and only exceptions are handled by employees, so that maximum time remains to support end-customers. The
Verne platform is secure, open, configurable and based on best practise processes, which results in a
smart and flexible solution at a low TCO (business and IT). This platform is the core of the Verne service.
Together with Verne’s experience, knowledge and network of solution providers, Verne is your IT partner
to support you in achieving your ambitions and being ready for future challenges.