(STP) proces automation

  • STP policy life cycle management (PLM)

  • Quotes, requests, changes, renewal, financial processes
  • Configurable business rules and calculation engines
  • BPMN-SaaS
  • Unified API

  • Process driven SOAP / REST API
  • High throughput
  • Real time 24/7 availability
  • Scalable (azure / AKS)
  • STP claim handling

  • Best practice up to 90% automated handling
  • Claim check
  • Integration with Schadegarant and Doccare, among others
  • Easy to configure engines

  • Premium calculation and validation engines based on easy to use templating (xls, xlsx, OpenXL, scripting, etc.)
  • Standardized exception handling patterns, incl pre-request bypass processing
  • Automated REST/SOAP/VPI interface deployment
  • Standard product templates for P&C, Funeral and Life
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